A Greener Future

LSD Promotions has always recognised that as a market and special event organising company,  it has a responsibility and a direct and indirect impact on the local, regional and global environment.

We are committed to minimising our negative impacts and by acting in a sustainable way, meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfil their own needs. By minimising the carbon footprint in our own area of responsibility and that of our trading clients, colleagues, & stakeholders,

we endeavour to reach out to a wider audience 

and encourage our customers and shoppers to do the same.

LSD Promotions has a significant role to play in raising awareness of green alternatives for markets & special events and is already helping traders to achieve their own green policies.

Our green initiative is to constantly seek ways in which we can improve our environmental credentials, and our green strategy 2020 is aligned with our environmental policy, codes of practice and environmental protection. 

For 2020 Environmental Policy Downloads and 

Caterers/Traders Carbon Footprint Display Guide, please see below.


Fur Free Markets by LSD Promotions

Fur Free Markets is a nationwide initiative run by Respect for Animals.

Fur Free Markets Policy Terms & Conditions of Trading.


All LSD Promotions Markets & Events are fur free. 

Recognising that the use and sale of real fur as cruel and unnecessary, LSD Promotions was the first market & special event organiser in the UK to prohibit the sale of products containing real animal fur on all markets and special events operated by the company either privately or under contract to Local Authorities in the United Kingdom. All events held and located on council owned land, council and privately leased markets (including seasonal and Christmas markets delivered by LSD Promotions).  All products wholly or partially made with real fur are covered by this ban and include for example; fur coats, vintage fur, fur shawls, rugs, garments with fur trim, fur pompom hats, and fur accessories and trinkets. Such products are wholly unacceptable and are strictly forbidden to be sold at any market or event operated by LSD Promotions.

Failure to comply or any breach of this policy and our terms & conditions will result in a ban from trading on any event or market operated by LSD Promotions (Marketplace Ltd) and its associated companies now and in the future. 

We ask that you help us in our efforts to eradicate the sale of real fur on markets and events in the United Kingdom. 

LSD Promotions (Marketplace) Ltd.           

Fur Free Markets is a nationwide initiative run by Respect for Animals