A brand new and very simple to follow LSD Membership contract now open.  This replaces the 2019 special events contract, however if you already have an LSD number with us, this will not change and please use this on the new updated form. This contract must be completed to trade at Regular markets & Special events. 

A Helpful Hint for Phone & Tablet users!

If you are planning to submit your form via a Smartphone or Tablet 

we advise to get all your pictures / documents ready in advance. 

Take screenshots/grabs so that your photos are easily accessible

and will speed up the process and avoid any information getting accidentally deleted.

If you need any HELP please contact us and 

we can happily talk you through the process.


Do I need to re-do this contract if I had one last year? 

Yes, however its much simpler than last years,  and should only take around 10-15 minutes. You wont need to complete another next year, however you will need to re-supply documents if they expire, and provide us with any changes to your personal circumstances and/or trade lines.   

I don't have a membership number from 2019? 

Please email the customer service team  

Please state the following

First Name


Business Name 

Telephone Number

A member of the team will generate a number for you and send this back to you. 

You will then be able to complete the brand new membership contract and trade with us this year. 

Must I complete this membership contract to be able to trade?

Yes, we cannot accept any applications from any trader who does not have a membership contract with us.

Is my data protected?

Absolutely. Your data is fully protected on a password protected system in accordance with the GDPR law.