Fellow Britons

We are going through a frightening time.

When this is over, the streets will be bustling full of people desperate to be outside, every event will sell out, every restaurant will have a two hour wait, the pubs will be buzzing and we will all party together in the street.

We will embrace & shake hands.

That’s going to be a good day.

For now, stay safe & hang in there, World 🌎 🇬🇧




In light of the latest Government announcement on Monday 23rd March, all LSD Promotions Street markets are now closed until further notice.

This is in support of Government measures to delay the spread of Coronavirus.

Head office is now closed until further notice, however all email accounts are being monitored. 

Please email customerservice@lsdpromotions.com and we will reply to you as soon as possible. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and custom during a difficult and unprecedented period which we trust will be resolved in the shortest time possible. 

Need More Information?

For more information visit  Public Heath England 

Over 30 Years Of Quality Markets, Stall Hires & Events

Whether you are looking for a great market, a stall on a special event, or a day out & somewhere different to shop! We are a Midlands based company established in 1989, specialising in top quality markets & special events that are colourful, safe and well presented. 

Our markets serve the local community to the highest possible standard and offer the best facilities and working conditions for market traders & stall holders from all walks of life. If you would like a stall we make it as easy as we can. 

We will take your application for a new market or special event through our website, and in most cases over the phone, or via email. Talk to us today whatever your interest, we're here to help!

All traders are required to complete a membership contract to trade with us 

& to enable us to store your data.

There is NO charge to become a member. 

We also offer complete Management Services for event organisers and local authorities and also offer bulk stall hire, delivered, erected/dismantled supplying Services & Stall hires across the United Kingdom. 

We are here to help

THE New LSD Membership Contract Now Available


A brand new and very simple to follow LSD Membership contract now open.  This replaces the 2019 special events contract, however if you already have an LSD number with us, this will not change and please use this on the new updated form.
This contract must be completed to trade at Regular markets & Special events. 


Do I need to re-do this contract if I had one last year? 

Yes, however its much simpler than last years,  and should only take around 10-15 minutes. You wont need to complete another next year, however you will need to re-supply documents if they expire, and provide us with any changes to your personal circumstances and/or trade lines. 

I don't have a membership number from 2019? 

Please email the customer service team customerservice@lsdpromotions.com 

Please state the following

First Name


Business Name 

Telephone Number

A member of the team will generate a number for you and send this back to you. 

You will then be able to complete the brand new membership contract and trade with us this year. 

Must I complete this membership contract to be able to trade?

Yes, we cannot accept any applications from any trader who does not have a membership contract with us.

Is my data protected?

Absolutely. Your data is fully protected on a password protected system in accordance with the GDPR law. 



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