Lucy in the sky with diamonds, hallucinogenic drugs, old money?  Actually, it's just the first initials of the 3 founder Directors and it had the effect we wanted, nobody ever forgot the name.  

So, history & mystery aside, the story is, if you are looking for a cool street market to visit this weekend, stall hire for a special event, somewhere different to trade, a place to go that won't charge you admission, or even a new start in your working life. We are an independent market and event company based in the Midlands UK and we’ve been doing it our way since 1989, specialising in top quality markets & special events that are colourful, safe, well presented, enjoyable, and basically do what it says on the tin.


Making it easy:  We work hard to ensure our markets & events serve the local community to the highest possible standard and offer the best facilities and working conditions for market traders.  If you are a trader, exhibitor, artist, or just want to have a go and you would like a stall, we make it as easy as we can


We will take your application for a new market and most special events over the phone on a debit or credit card. We operate a GDPR compliant mailing list for traders, simply meaning you get first hand information sent to you whenever we have opportunities you may wishto take part in. There are no lengthy contracts that we tie you up to. When you sign-up with us you are given a unique identity membership number which just means that we are able to legally and securely store your details, product images, public liability insurance, and any other necessary documents, so that each time you apply for an event we can access who you are and your details more quickly & easily. 

We value each of our customers & everyone is afforded individual and personal attention on a one-to-one basis. Please support our busy front line staff & quote your membership number by phone or email, so they can easily locate your info. With thousands of traders on our books it just makes your life and our lives easier. 

There are basic rules and codes of conduct that we expect on our markets & events.

They apply to everyone.

 As a company we operate in an atmosphere of mutual respect on every level, 

from customer service to on-site management,  

We are most happy when you are.

Fur Free: All our markets and events are guaranteed fur free, 

see  ❤    

Aims, Dreams, Musings & Local Authorities: We believe in variety on our markets and events and we aim for as many diverse, good quality products as we can, whenever we can, welcoming sellers with fresh organic fruit and veg, the finest essentials, wholesome specialist food & drink products, ecological packaging, fur and cruelty free, handmade, homemade, upcycled, vintage, the list is endless and we love creative, like minded people. We encourage traders that buy ingredients and products from companies that do not commission test on animals. We welcome people that make their own products, bakes, crafts, fragrances, making them by hand using little or no preservatives or packaging. We believe in happy people making and selling happy products because it makes our customers happy too.  We appreciate honesty, transparency, mutual respect, integrity, helping newcomers, individuality, and the right to make mistakes, apologise, learn and start again. 

We respect our Local Authorities - they have trusted us to come in to the towns & cities they represent.  We believe our markets and events are excellent value. That we should make a profit and that our customers matter too.   

We also believe words like ‘speciality’ ‘finest quality’ 'fresh' and 'organic' have an honest meaning beyond marketing.   

Whether you are a Private Developer, Local Authority, Trader, or shopper, we would love to hear from you.  Call me or one of my colleagues on 01384 877336 or 07736 669123, or better still drop an email to and I will be happy to discuss your query or help point you in the right direction wherever I can. 

If you would like to apply for a stall please call customer service 01384 877336 and one of our lovely advisors will be pleased to help, or email them on  

Look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regards

Linda McGillicuddy, Director   

LSD Promotions..  Markets with a heart  ❤

Worcester Victorian Christmas Fayre 2018

Making History

The National Living Statue Championship was part of Shakespeare's Birthday Celebrations 2018 & 2019

In April, LSD Promotions made history by establishing the first ever National Living Statue Championship in the United Kingdom. We presented this as part of the Birthday celebrations & included fabulous specialist markets on Waterside & Bridge Street, plus a highly acclaimed International Street food court, as part of the 3-day celebrations. The event was an outstanding success over the 3 days



We are proud to represent and partner with many Local Authorities in our neighbouring towns & cities. Like  the fabulous Wonderland summer festival in Stratford-upon-Avon, our specialist markets & themed events, help regeneration, bringing, vibrancy colour & life back to the High Street.  


Our own Creative Director and an in-house events team of artists, & prop builders plan & choreograph all themed markets & special-events. An innovative social media, marketing & graphic design team ensures public interest & engagement with other local businesses &, tourist attractions, for maximum reach, mutual benefit & a 100% success rate.


A lifeline for tired & failing markets. themed seasonal events, or magical Christmas festivals.  

*Reliable Local Authority contacts for references.